Saturday, June 21, 2008

A sampaguita by any other name is still a flower

Last April, my husband Aldrich and I were driving along Ortigas Ave., on the way to his brother Iven's house in Cubao. Raine and Aidan were with us in the car, along with their yayas. Just as we stopped at the red light in front of Greenhills Shopping Center, a boy of about 8-10 yrs old tapped on our window and peddled his garlands of sampaguita. Feeling sorry for the kid, we bought around 3 strands, and hung it on the rearview mirror. I then taught Raine how to say sampaguita.

Me: "Raine, this is called sampaguita."
Raine: "sampetita"
Me: "no, it's sampaguita."
Raine: "sampatita"
Me: "sampaguita"
Raine: "sampeti ..... flower"

Dumbfounded, Aldrich and I could only look at each other and manage a wry smile at being outsmarted by a 2 yr. old kid.

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