Saturday, October 23, 2004

Pregnant no more

2 days ago i had a miscarriage. turns out i had a blighted ovum. the fertilized egg failed to develop into an embryo so my body naturally expelled it.

i had spotting monday night, and by tuesday night i was bleeding so much and having cramps that i knew something was wrong. my husband aldrich immediately broght me to the hospital wednesday morning, where it was confirmed that i miscarried. my ob immediately did a d&c on me and cleaned out my uterus.

at first i was really sad and disappointed, but when i found out that there was no fetus, therefore no baby, it was easier to accept. i just think of it as a practice session, that God was just checking if my system works, and it does! :) next time it won't be a draft anymore.

i know that in His time, the Lord will allow me to get pregnant again. a lot of my friends say it will be easier for me to get pregnant next time because my uterus has been cleaned and the environment is more conducive to conceiving a baby.

right now, i'm just enjoying the fact that with the bed rest required by my doctor, mom and mom-in-law, my hubby has to take care of me. it's nice to be babied once in a while. :)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

ramblings of a bored pregnant woman

i've been married for almost 3 months, and i'm now 7 weeks pregnant. i used to be a hard-hitting journalist but i gave all that up for marriage and motherhood. i never thought i'd say it this soon, but i'm bored.