Thursday, July 28, 2005


i just got off the phone with josh, whom i called in my usual bored state. true to form, i received quite a sermon about getting off my lazy bum and starting to write again, whether in my blog or elsewhere. as i checked my blog, i realized he was right.
i didn't realize that it's been exactly a month since i promised myself to start writing again, a whole month of doing nothing but being bored at home with nothing to do. oh don't get me wrong. i have managed to do a couple of things, like watch a couple of sex and the city dvds, pirated dvds of monster in law and herbie, religiously followed the travails of darna and the developments on encantadia and sugo (kapuso pa rin siyempre), and finished reading harry potter and the half blood prince a day after it was released. of course this drove josh up the wall, since according to him, i had to spoil everything by saying someone died (check out josh's blog entry about it).
but this is nothing compared to what i used to do ... like running around chasing interviewees for soundbites and coming up with supposedly well-written and thought-provoking stories. back then, i felt on top of the world, as i was changing history or something. i guess i could still do that here in iloilo, but how, i don't know.