Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's birthday. he would've been 57 years old, if he didn't die of a heart attack last june 2004.
i miss my dad. i wish he was still here. he'd be so happily looking forward to being a granddad, what with 2 babies on the way (mine and my brother's). he's always wanted grandkids.
oh, my dad wasn't perfect. far from it. he had his faults like everyone else. but he tried his best to be a good father and provider to all 7 of us kids (which wasn't easy). and no matter how many heartaches and headaches i gave him, he always forgave me for it.
we weren't that close anymore when he died, mostly because i was so stubborn. but i was a papa's girl when i was younger. back then, i'd wait for him to come home before i'd go to sleep. i'd sit in my little rocking chair, watching Pugo and Tugo on tv while waiting for my dad. he'd always have something for me, usually food i liked to eat.
at first he didn't like the profession i went into, since it's not normal for a chinese girl to be in the media and all. but later on, he came to accept it, and even bragged to all his friends about me every chance he got. he'd always complain tho that he's lost his identity, that he's not known as rudy sy anymore, but as the father of richelle sy. but i know he did all that complaining with a really proud heart.
despite all the hurts i gave my dad, i really hope i was able to redeem myself, that in the end, he left this world still with me as his girl. i miss my dad so much.

Friday, September 02, 2005

rock baby rock

for the past 6 weeks i have been hooked on rockstar:inxs on startv. i look forward to wednesday mornings for the performances, and thursday mornings for the eliminations. watching this reality show is a refreshing change from american idol, because all the rockers here can really sing. mig and the others have really kept me company the past few weeks that i have been on bed rest and house arrest.
mig ayesa, of course, is one of my favorites. support your own, ika nga. but he's truly deserving since he very talented and humble. his heartfelt rendition of "baby i love your way" a few weeks ago was tops, but he's equally good singing rock songs.
anyway, today mig thought that he might be in the bottom three because of mixed reactions from the jurors. but of course votes from pinoys poured in from all over the world (including my votes), and kept mig out of the bottom three. those who weren't as lucky were jd, ty and jordis. at the end, ty was booted out.
i may be rooting for mig, but i truly m sad to see ty go. he's such a nice guy and great singer. i wish inxs booted jd out instead. he may fit the bill as the next lead singer of inxs, but his attitude towards the other rockers is a definite turn-off.
i'm just wondering how all this rock music is affecting my baby. :)